Milk : Powder vs Natural

No matter how old or young we are, the taste of the fluffy powdered milk is something we all have a liking for. Even the irritable moment when it sticks to the insides of the mouth, and makes it all dry, the taste is terribly addictive. Those little sachets of Nestle powdered milk is what all kids wait for, while travelling in the Rajdhani train, or an Air India flight. But is the powdered milk same as the natural milk? Powdered milk is said to hold similar nutritive values as the naturally procured milk. It does not have the odour, that many people do not enjoy in a regular milk. Also, it proves to be real time saver, and being used as tea/coffee whitener. However, being similar does not mean being same. The golden rule is, all that is not natural and packaged, is not 100% safe. Powdered form of the milk contains preservatives. Also, it misses out on some very essential nutrients like phosphorous, selenium and B-complex vitamins. Also, there is an argument, that many people do not get the mixture composition with water correctly. However the counter, from Dr. Ritika Samaddar of Max Healthcare Saket, New Delhi, is the back of the pack describes how to make the milk mixture with proper instructions. According to NDTV

All in all, powdered milk offers a convenient alternative to regular milk. However, as the experts have noted above, it is imperative that you chose the right product and consume it as per the nutritional directions mentioned on the pack – this is extremely crucial, especially when it is being fed to children.


Author: FRAC Labs

FRAC is NABL accredited, BIS Certified, DPCC and FSSAI Empanelled; our testing scope includes testing of all Foods, Beverages and Environment (air, noise, waste water, hazardous waste).

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