Russia destroys all Banned Products

Any decision taken (or not taken in few incidences), always ends up facing the heat. Specially so, when it is the one, that impacts a country. Russia seems to be standing in one of those situations as well.

Russia has always been famous in taking radical decisions. Decisions that make eye-brows raise. Proving to be loyal to such an image, in a event, Russia has decided to destroy all the food articles that have been banned.

While it is a commendable effort, in providing nothing but the best quality food to the citizens, the reason why the decision is facing the heat is because of Russia’s history of famines.

Russia Destroys Food

According to BCC

“The actions come a year after Russia banned some Western food products in retaliation to EU and US sanctions applied after Moscow annexed Crimea. One steamroller took an hour to crush nine tonnes of cheese. Another consignment was due to be burnt. Boxes of bacon have been incinerated. Peaches and tomatoes were also due to be crushed by tractors. “

An initiative taken by the Russians have surfaced up, via online media. more than 2,85,000 Russians have signed a petition to the President, Vladimir Putin, to put an end to this. This is supported by the fact that more than 20 million Russians live below the poverty line, and the amount of food that is being destroyed could have been fed to the needy and the poor.