All the Fuss Leading to Lead

Lead was found in Maggi. Lead was found in Yipee. Instant noodles were banned because there is lead in it. But what does lead lead to, that has created all the fuss in the media today? (sources: NRDC; KingCounty )

Lead as poison (scientific name: Plumbum)

  1. Inhibits oxygen and calcium transport and altering nerve transmission in the brain.
  2. Builds up in soft tissue — kidneys, bone marrow, liver, and brain — as well as bones and teeth.
  3. Lead can cause permanent damage including reduced IQ, learning disabilities, and shortened attention span.
  4. Low-level chronic lead exposure in childhood can alter secretion of the human growth hormone, stunting growth and promoting obesity.
  5. Even at low levels, lead can be harmful and be associated with:

  6. Behavior issues
  7. Nervous system damage
  8. Speech and language impairment
  9. Decreased muscle growth
  10. Decreased bone growth
  11. Kidney damage
  12. High levels of lead are life threatening and can cause seizures, unconsciousness, and death.

There is no safe level for Lead intake. Prolonged use of small quantity of lead can also cause serious health issues. And high-level intake can even cause death.

And this is why there has been so much fuss related to lead.