Baba Ramdev, Patanjali to launch instant noodles

Nestle is trying hard to push Maggi back on the shelves, but it seems to be taking a little longer for that to happen. First set of testing was done already. Now, the second stage of testing will be required when Nestle begins manufacturing of the 2-minute instant noodles. And this is one opportunity that every Nestle competitor does not want to miss.

Moreover, manufacturers that were earlier not even into the noodles business, are now entering the market, with packaging that looks similar to Maggi noodles. Recent additions to this list are Reliance, and Patanjali.

Reliance Select

Reliance, being a business farm, did not lift many eyebrows when it came out with a packaging that is without doubt an attempt to lure Maggi loyalists. What’s surprising is, Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali, which usually campaigns against fast food, entering the food business, with their own version of instant noodles. And again, the design of the packaging is similar to the Nestle product. Infact, Patanjali too has come up with its own variation, where it claims NO MSG NO LEAD. This shows how tough the business had been for companies, till the time the original Maggi was on shelves.

ata magi

Baba The Business Man

At the launch of Patanjali Ayurved’s atta noodles on Thursday, Baba Ramdev, yoga guru and co-founder of the company, was not only seen having the noodles himself but urging others to do so. Though a yoga guru having instant noodles might seem at odds, it points to the savvy marketer that Ramdev is.

Apart from plugging into the need for a healthy noodles option in the absence of Maggi, Ramdev has done everything a smart brand ambassador would. This isn’t the only instance when the 49-year-old yoga guru has weaved his magic on promotion and branding. In the 18 years since he co-founded his ayurvedic company along with scholar Balakrishna, he has virtually carried the Patanjali brand on his shoulders. (source: Business Standard)

“The difference between him and regular brand ambassadors is he lives the brand. There is no gap between what he espouses and what Patanjali wishes to communicate. While personality-led brands aren’t uncommon in advertising – the late Steve Jobs personified what Apple stood for and Richard Branson lends his charisma and charm to Virgin – I don’t think there are any examples of it in Ayurveda,” says Kiran Khalap, co-founder, Chlorophyll Brand and Communications Consultancy.

As Far As FSSAI Approval is Concerned

Sources say that the noodles cannot be sold until it has got approval from FSSAI since it’s a non-standard product. But obtaining the approval could take more time, as the food safety regulator has done away with process of product approvals. It will reintroduce the procedure through regulations. FSSAI is busy streamlining the product approval process and is expected to come up with new regulations in six months. (source: Indiatimes)

So will Baba be able to bring in his brand of Noodles? Or will Nestle be able to return its one of the most liked product, the original Maggi, before other brands grow into major competitors? That’s for time to tell!

Author: FRAC Labs

FRAC is NABL accredited, BIS Certified, DPCC and FSSAI Empanelled; our testing scope includes testing of all Foods, Beverages and Environment (air, noise, waste water, hazardous waste).

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