8 Surprising Benefits of Vapour Rubs!!

Unusual benefits of vapour rubs

We have been using Vapor Rubs since the age when we loved falling sick after having long soccer sessions in the rains! It has been a household remedy to whenever we have chest congestion, blocked nose or a heavy head. But did you know about the amazing 8 benefits of the vapour rubs?

  1. Helps Reducing Acnes and Pimples: has several acne fighting ingredients such as camphor and eucalyptus oil that will dry out the acne overnight. All you have to do is put a little dab of Vicks directly on the pimple and leave overnight. You could also try these natural remedies for a glowing skin!
  2. Toenail or Fingernail Fungus:  has a fungus-fighting ingredient called thymol, an oil that comes from Thyme. If you think your nail has become infected apply Vicks directly to the nail twice a day. Cover your feet with socks at bedtime, and continue to trim the nails until the infected part is removed effectively.Before and After application of Vick Vapour Rub
  3. Insect Repellent: contains cedarleaf oil, which is a natural insect repellant. Simply rub on skin or clothes to repel insects.
  4. Aching Muscles: contains camphor and menthol, which both have antiseptic qualities. This is great when you want to speed up healing time simply rub onto affected area.
  5. Healing Cracked Heels: Cracked heels can be an absolute nightmare to heal, especially if you are constantly on your feet. Before you go to bed, spread a thick layer of the rub on your heels and feet. Massage for 5 minutes and wear socks to lock in miosture overnight. In the morning get up early and wash feet with warm water. Repeat until heels are restored
  6. Soothing Minor Burns: Quick relief for MINOR burns would be to run under cool water and apply the vapur rub.
    Here are some natural remedies for headaches!
  7. Splinters and Small Cuts: The rub contains camphor and menthol, which both have antiseptic qualities. This is great when you want to speed up healing time simply rub onto affected area.
  8. Tennis Elbow: Menthol and camphor in Vicks will heal the aching elbow. Re-apply till the elbow stops aching.

Source: Aunty Acid

Author: FRAC Labs

FRAC is NABL accredited, BIS Certified, DPCC and FSSAI Empanelled; our testing scope includes testing of all Foods, Beverages and Environment (air, noise, waste water, hazardous waste).

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