8 Surprising Benefits of Vapour Rubs!!

We have been using Vapor Rubs since the age when we loved falling sick after having long soccer sessions in the rains! It has been a household remedy to whenever we have chest congestion, blocked nose or a heavy head. But did you know about the amazing 8 benefits of the vapour rubs?

  1. Helps Reducing Acnes and Pimples: has several acne fighting ingredients such as camphor and eucalyptus oil that will dry out the acne overnight. All you have to do is put a little dab of Vicks directly on the pimple and leave overnight. You could also try these natural remedies for a glowing skin!
  2. Toenail or Fingernail Fungus:  has a fungus-fighting ingredient called thymol, an oil that comes from Thyme. If you think your nail has become infected apply Vicks directly to the nail twice a day. Cover your feet with socks at bedtime, and continue to trim the nails until the infected part is removed effectively.Before and After application of Vick Vapour Rub
  3. Insect Repellent: contains cedarleaf oil, which is a natural insect repellant. Simply rub on skin or clothes to repel insects.
  4. Aching Muscles: contains camphor and menthol, which both have antiseptic qualities. This is great when you want to speed up healing time simply rub onto affected area.
  5. Healing Cracked Heels: Cracked heels can be an absolute nightmare to heal, especially if you are constantly on your feet. Before you go to bed, spread a thick layer of the rub on your heels and feet. Massage for 5 minutes and wear socks to lock in miosture overnight. In the morning get up early and wash feet with warm water. Repeat until heels are restored
  6. Soothing Minor Burns: Quick relief for MINOR burns would be to run under cool water and apply the vapur rub.
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  7. Splinters and Small Cuts: The rub contains camphor and menthol, which both have antiseptic qualities. This is great when you want to speed up healing time simply rub onto affected area.
  8. Tennis Elbow: Menthol and camphor in Vicks will heal the aching elbow. Re-apply till the elbow stops aching.

Source: Aunty Acid

What not to do to keep your skin glowing?

One might be aware about what to do to keep skin healthy and glowing. But then there are things that shouldn’t be done, to keep your skin fine too!

  1. AlcoholAvoiding alcohol is especially recommended when the skin disease is on the face or head, where heat will naturally rise more rapidly and affect one’s appearance. Rosacea, acne, seborrheic or atopic dermatitis and psoriasis are the most likely to affect the face.
  2. Spices: This one might be a known fact for our India based readers! Hot pepper, black pepper, ginger and garlic are also contraindicated, as are all the “gingerbread house” spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, clove. This means avoiding chai teas, ginger teas, hummus, Thai food and the like. Of all of these, garlic seems to give the worst flare-ups of redness, burning and itch.
  3. Smoking: Smoking is something that should be avoided for much more serious reasons – it kills. It affects skin too. Cigarette smoking is strongly associated with psoriasis, especially pustular psoriasis of the palms and soles. Quitting will often improve the condition. Teenage acne, as well, is adversely affected by smoking. Teens already have a great deal of naturally occurring ‘heat’ in their lungs and stomach, as evidenced by their loud voices and voracious appetites – this is a sign of health and vitality during a time of great growth. However, smoking and drinking will push this lung and stomach heat over the upper limit of ‘normal,’ turning it into the red fire of acne.
    Before & after the smoking. It shows how smoking affects our skin!

    Just quitting smoking will not help your lungs. You need to de-toxify it too!

  4. Oil, Shellfish and Tropical FruitsGreasy fried foods and bad oils are even worse, and should be avoided. Shellfish and fatty fish like salmon should be avoided for the same reason as oils, not only by weepy skin sufferers, but by anyone whose skin is red or itchy at all. Tropical fruit may also irritate. Mango, papaya, pineapple are the worst, while banana seems to be fine!

    Although, fresh juice of raw fruits and vegetables have got plenty of benefits!

  5. Gluten, Sugar and Dairy Products: Gluten, sugar and dairy are only a problem for a very small proportion of people with skin disease, and that they do not need to be avoided by the vast majority of sufferers. It may be that avoiding these foods will improve digestion, but rarely will this translate into an improvement of the skin disease.


Quick cheat sheet to know what to avoid, if you’re on a Gluten Free Diet!


Watch how McDonald’s french fries are made!
Green tea, mint tea, salad, fruit, and clean, light meals, freshly prepared, are best. White pearled barley and beans are excellent at draining away excess mucus and dampness if the skin is oozy. Mung beans and aduki beans are wonderful at this, and all three of these substances double as “herbs” which are found in many skin prescriptions. When the eyes and face are red and itchy, jasmine, chamomile, mint and chrysanthemum teas are very soothing.

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Changing one’s diet is not easy, and changing it forever is harder still. For some, a dietary change may bring new problems: tension, stress, guilt, binge eating, excessive self-control, and of course, hunger! These may have a more detrimental impact on our health than the eliminated foods. Listening to your own body is essential. For skin disease sufferers, adjusting the diet a little to avoid heat is a good idea. In combination with a cooling herbal treatment, a change of diet might be just the thing to cure a persistent skin disease.


(Source: Vitality Magazine)