Turmeric is more powerful than drugs!

In our traditions, turmeric holds a lot of value. On the day of marriage, the bride and grooms are given facial pack made of turmeric powder paste. In Ayurveda, turmeric is a healing herb. Wounds heal upon the application of turmeric paste.
Turmeric happens to be one of the most researched plant.

In our traditions, turmeric holds a lot of value. On the day of marriage, the bride and grooms are given facial pack made of turmeric powder paste. In Ayurveda, turmeric is a healing herb. Wounds heal upon the application of turmeric paste. Turmeric is not only believed to heal an external wound, but internal injuries as well. Turmeric happens to be one of the most researched plant.
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Turmeric has proven, medically, to be effective against –

  1. Cholesterol and Steroids: Various studies have suggested that turmeric helps reducing cholesterol. It may prove to be an alternative to medicines such as Lipitor/Atorvastatin(cholesterol medication). Corticosteroids (steroid medications) – A 1999 study published in the journal Phytotherapy Research found that the primary polyphenol in turmeric, the saffron colored pigment known as curcumin, compared favorably to steroids in the management of chronic anterior uveitis, an inflammatory eye disease.
  2. Antidepressants and Blood Thinner: A 2011 study published in the journalActa Poloniae Pharmaceutica found that curcumin compared favorably to both drugs in reducing depressive behavior in an animal model. It may replace Prozac/Fluoxetine & Imipramine  (antidepressants). A 1986 in vitro and ex vivo study published in the journalArzneimittelforschung found that curcumin has anti-platelet and prostacyclin modulating effects compared to aspirin, indicating it may have value in patients prone to vascular thrombosis and requiring anti-arthritis therapy. Turmeric may prove to be an alternative to Aspirin.
  3. Anti-Inflammatory and Chemotherapy: A study shows that turmeric is an effective alternative to the drugs aspirin, ibuprofen, sulindac, phenylbutazone, naproxen, indomethacin, diclofenac, dexamethasone, celecoxib, and tamoxifen in exerting anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative activity against tumor cells. Oxaliplatin (chemotherapy drug): A 2007 study published in the International Journal of Cancer found that curcumin compares favorably with oxaliplatin as an antiproliferative agenet in colorectal cell lines.
  4. Fights Diabetes: Turmeric is valuable in treating diabetes, finding that it activates AMPK (which increases glucose uptake) and suppresses gluconeogenic gene expression  (which suppresses glucose production in the liver) in hepatoma cells.
    One may also control TypeII diabetes with simple lifestyle changes. Interestingly, they found curcumin to be 500 times to 100,000 times (in the form known as tetrahydro curcuminoids (THC)) more potent than Metformin in activating AMPK and its downstream target acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACC).
    A research has also lead to making an artificial pancreas that is more effective than insulin! sugar cube
  5. Cancer Treatment: Another way in which turmeric and its components reveal their remarkable therapeutic properties is in research on drug resistant- and multi-drug resistant cancers.
    Apart from turmeric, even olive oil compounds have been found out to have cancer-killing properties.

5 benefits of Aamla अमला!

Everything that is not tasty, ends up being healthy! Isn’t it true? Be it as bitter as bitter gourd or as sour as Gooseberry (or known as Aamla अमला in Hindi).

Let’s look at Aamla then! How is this notoriously sour fruit going to benefit our health? This humble fruit, also known as the Indian gooseberry, is one of the most important foods in Ayurvedic medicine and is a storehouse of good health. It has almost twice the antioxidant power of acai berry and about 17 times that of the pomegranate. Use this inexpensive wonder fruit to stay well this winter. (Source : India Today)

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  1. Cures Sore Throat and Cold – Containing good amount of Vitamin C, Aamla has been known to cure bad throat. How to use it? Simple! Mix 2 teaspoons of aamla powder with 2 teaspoons of honey. Have it three to four times a day for immediate and effective results.
  2. Relief from Constipation – Tough mornings? Let this fibre rich fruit help you with it! Dried and powdered form of Aamla is easily available in the market, and having it before sleep with lukewarm water smooths the bowel movements!
  3. Helps in Curing Painful Mouth Ulcers – If taken in liquid form, aamla can also cure mouth ulcers. Dilute aamla juice in half a cup of water, gargle and you’re set.
  4. Anti-inflammatory properties – Aamla helps in reducing arthritis-related pain. Snack on dried aamla or have it fresh and raw. Both work.

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  5. Weight loss – Are you working out hard to reduce your weight? Including aamla in your diet will achieve amazing benefits as it improves metabolism and aids in faster digestion.

    Want to live longer? We have the secret! Eat more!