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Heartfulness is a simple, practical way to learn to relax, meditate and discover the unlimited resources of the heart. With practice, one experiences the calmness from within, leading to the creation of better concentration, inner balance and true wellness of being.

Energy and Meditation

We use the word “Kshobh” in Sanskrit as the term for the Big Bang. This Kshob/Big Bang was all about energy outburst that created the universe with all the particles in space. The material particles can be transformed into energy – is a scientific law and is accepted by modern science too.

Energy manifests itself in light (as sunlight), heat (as warmth from the sun/fire), power ( from water, electricity and magnetism).In the spiritual sense we talk of this energy in the form of vibrations and meditation as resonance with these vibrations.

When we talk of “Transmission” we mean the transmission of this spiritual energy from the ‘Source’ through the capable Master to the individual during meditation.

What is Transmission

Why do we seek blessings from spiritually elevated persons? Because we have experienced that their wishes or blessings have the ‘power’ or ‘energy’ behind it for the blessing to be actualized.

We see this in our daily life when we seek blessings from our elders who are  more experienced in life and have all the good feelings and the best of wishes for the growth and development of the person receiving the blessing.

The blessings carry a sort of positive energy that gets transmitted to the persons who receive the blessing. This helps in a positive force being created enabling the person to achieve what s/he sets out to do. This is the very elementary basis of our system of Transmission.

Transmission has been defined as the utilisation of divine energy for the transformation of man. Here we are not speaking of physical transformation, as our bodies are limited by our genetic makeup. For example, we might be able to gain or lose a few pounds, but we cannot change our height substantially. On the mental level, there are fewer limitations. We can all learn – some very easily and some with greater difficulty. But it is only on the spiritual level that there is infinite scope for growth. The Transmission spiritually nourishes such unlimited growth.

If the energy that is transmitted can bring about infinite growth, it must also be infinite. In the physical world, there is no such thing as infinite energy. The sun can blaze for billions of years, but eventually, even it will burn itself out.

Under Einstein’s famous equation: E=mc², Energy is always limited by the velocity of light and the finiteness of mass. Even light cannot travel instantly. If a distance can be traversed in zero time, the velocity is infinite. Hypothetically, what would happen to Einstein’s equation if we were to substitute the speed of light with such infinite velocity? Inserting infinity into the equation means that the energy that comes to us would also be infinite and its source would also have to be infinite. This is the transmission of divine energy.

Great Masters  have never been bound by physical laws. An adept meditator may be seated in one country, while the aspirant is seated in some distant place across oceans and mountains. Yet, the moment the adept triggers the transmission, the aspirant receives it wherever he or she may be. This is the common experience of so many meditators.

There is a study on quantum entanglement  that describes how the change in state of one sub-atomic particle can affect the state of another sub-atomic particle instantly no matter how far they are transcending time and space.

Trying to grasp transmission intellectually is like trying to understand the taste of strawberry ice cream intellectually. Is it possible to convey its taste in words to someone who has never tried it? You can explain all about sucrose, dairy proteins and the temperature at which milk freezes, but it would all be useless. In the end, you would probably say, “Just try it!”

The best way to understand transmission remains to experience it practically.

Transmission makes meditation truly dynamic

The Guru of the Heartfulness approach to meditation has this capacity of transmission. What he transmits is his own spiritual energy which he has got access to by virtue of his own yogic accomplishment under his own Master. It has opened up in him the possibility of transmission which was rediscovered by his Master after many, many centuries of lost wisdom. It has been rediscovered that one human being can transmit to another this energy which is not limited in any way just because it comes from a human but is really is is unlimited because it is connected with the Ultimate source of all energy. Therefore, this transmission has no boundaries, it has no limits, there is no end to the amount of transmission that can take place or, the quantum of transmission that can take place. It is, therefore, possible to transmit to one person or to a hundred, or to millions, there is no limit. Also, he can transmit here or he can transmit to a person wherever he is.

By this transmission, the Master is capable of putting   into a   practicant’s heart his own energy. If somebody gives me a million dollars, I am a millionaire overnight.  He makes us spiritual millionaires, as it were, by putting into us his own wealth of spiritual attainment.

Spirituality is the science of wonder, science is the science of curiosity and wonder leads us forwards – towards the future.


You can use scientific experimentation to test the effects of transmission. First, meditate without transmission, using the prescribed Heartfulness technique. Then, after a few minutes, meditate using the same technique, with transmission, with the assistance of an adept who meditates along with you. This expert can either be physically present with you or at a remote location. You can do this as many times as you like, as it will be replicable. This test will allow you to compare the difference between meditation without transmission and meditation then with transmission. So, experiment and experience it for yourself.

Transformation of Man

Scientists agree that the particles of the body are being continuously made and unmade. It, therefore, follows that our new particles are being continuously made. When we foment the new particles with the warmth of love, which is a very subtle vibration, the particles begin taking the effect thereof and get transformed.

In each of our cells is the divine energy, that which sublimates the entire being. It is the divine presence within, which nourishes the soul and transforms matter. The living Master is himself nourished by that which he receives from the Source.

And then what happens? Beliefs change, minds evolve and aspire to an ever more perfect union with this divine Source which is inexhaustible and unique.  A fervent heart is eager to progress and allows it to put things into perspective and not neglect that which is essential – namely the divine energy that dwells in it and asks only to manifest itself which is made possible by the Masters.

A time may come when our entire being thus gets transformed . That is in the real sense the transformation of man.



  1. Adapted from Literature of the Heartfulness Institute and Interviews and Talks given by Mr Kamlesh Patel, President Heartfulness Institute
  2. For more on the subject, please visit http://www.heartfulness.org